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Watcher Report

File Name: Cassandra
  • Born: around 1,000 b.c
  • Mentor: unknown
  • Past Watchers: data lost
  • Watcher codename: Witch Past individual file reports require higher access codes File Report: 1993-1997 Cassandra has remained relatively seclusive all during the past centuries. She visited the immortal Duncan MacLeod,to warn him about a prophecy first revealed when he was a small boy in Scotland. Her powers are weakening and so she could help Macleod only a little. She is involved with MacLeod intimately. But that doesn't stop her from her quest to defeat the Four Horsemen once she hears they still live. When she tries to taken Methos' head,MacLeod stops her.After the death of three of the horsemen,she leaves.... Though Cassandra has the power to control others' minds,she relies on her sword to help her win any fight. Comments: I believe Cassandra will now be able to heal from her past with the horsemen. Perhaps she will even forgive Methos.

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