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The Witch Links

Scoggins Homepage
An official site of this great actress.There's alot of info here on her career. As of 8/1-99, this site is down. I'll leave this link here for reference only. Hopefully it'll be back up soon.

Donan Woods
One of the BEST pages on the Immortal's about time some recognized this woman.(okay besides me:) )

The Hope Page-Cassandra to the Ultimate Power
This site contains fanfiction based on the Cassandra character. Varying range of story content. I enjoy reading most fan fiction but this site is one of my favorites.

7th Dimension
This is an archive of Cassandra stories or stories with a little bit of Cassandra in them. Some are gruesome, but I guess that depends on the reader.

Mind Your Body
This is where you can buy Tracy Scoggins' work out video.

That's why we make such a good team
This site is about the two Captains on Crusade, Lochley (aka Scoggins) and Gideon.

Babylon 5 Fun People: Lochley
This is a small page on a site for the Babylon 5 series.

If you know of a page dedicated to Cassandra or Tracy Please Please let me know so I can get that link up here.