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Cassandra has been alive for over 3,000 years. She lived in a peaceful nomadic village,where she learned magick using herbs for healing from the village healer. One day the Four Horsemen rode into the village killing everyone,including herself.Thus she was introduced into the world of immortality. She slowly began to care for Methos,her captor. Then,Kronos,demanded that Methos turn her over to him.The Horsmen share everything. She ran away....while Methos watched. He didn't try to stop her,though he easily could have,if he wanted to.For thousands of years,she lived on the earth,never forgetting the Horsemen.Her hatred toward them grew with each passing century. She has also been a lover of Duncan Macleod. She first met him as a small boy in the Highlands of Scotland.There the people called her a witch...because she lived in the forest alone and possed magickal knowledge. Throughout the centuries,she has been a fairly 'good' immortal.She has a likeable character. But like all immortals,she will eventually, be challenged for her head.As is the way of The Game. Main Page
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