Witchy Wars: Goddess Help Us All

   Recently I discovered what a witch war really 
 is. I have to admit I personally have been quite 
 sheltered when it comes to rude people. This 
 article is for all you "Teen" witches out there 
 who could be going through some hard times with 
 all of this. When I think of War only one word 
 comes to my mind, Hate. This emotion, Hate is what
 tears Witches (Pagans & Wiccans)apart from the 
 rest of the world. There are already so many 
 who hate us, why must we have hate among our own. 
 What if you are being attacked and you feel you 
 have done nothing wrong?
   Well, I'm very sorry to say... that in most cases 
 that is considered a witch war and nothing can 
 really be done. It's very sad that we have all these 
 Pagan/Wiccan Rights groups but yet no one will help 
 you. You might ask yourself why? Why will no one 
 help? The answer is simple, it's a witch war and no 
 wants to get involved. I hope one day, we will see an 
 organization that truly does what they say they do. 
 In the meantime I offer all of you in a witch war...
 a bit of advice to help you through it.

 Advice For Causing A Witch War or Having A Good Part to Do with It.
  A. Think Calmly.
  B. Remember that everyone has their own opinion.
  C. No one is 100% right.
  D. No one is a 100% wrong.
  E. Think about why it is you are causing so much 
     strife in the first place? Is it really worth
     your time to make the person and yourself so unhappy?

Advice For When A Witch Attacks You and Tries to Cause A Witch War.
  A. Stay Calm.
  B. The best thing to do is walk away from the situation. There is 
no need in adding fuel to the person's fire. Most of the time if you 
ignore them they will go away.
  C. There is nothing wrong with having a debate or discussion but when 
things get a bit out of hand, know when to end the conversation.
  D. Try and stay as open-minded as possible. Most likely the witch who
is trying to start a war with you is closed-minded or has other reasons
such as: jealousy, feelings of an unfair life, and so on.
If any of the above are happening in your life right now may the 
goddess and god be with you. Remember that all though a witch may be 
saying "Negative" things about you,he/she is human too and probably 
needs a good friend to guide them in their troubles.
                Blessed Be,
                Silver Willow
(If you have any questions on Witch Wars E-mail me at: willow@pagans.org)
 1998 SW
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