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Volume I Issue No.3July/August 1999

Greetings Friends,
Welcome to our third issue of Starlight Voices.
We've got the first printing of our new environmental column "The Green Life" featuring an article by the column's editor, Dragonraven.
*Special note to our readers: We are featuring an article as part II of our Witchcraft/Paganism Today series in this issue. It's titled: Teens in a Pagan Society and is written by an exceptional young Pagan, Silver Willow. We want to make it clear that the author does not condone young people to stay in the closet with their families. We need to clarify that even though there is help for closet-ridden teens in the article, it's written to be humorous as well and not as a way of hiding from your parents. Please keep that in mind when reading the article.

As always your comments are welcome. Blessed be,
Moon SpiritWolf, Senior Editor

Starlight Voices is joining The Rainwater Society

The Rainwater Society is a newly formed organization that is devoted to increasing Pagan youth awareness. The Society's current activities include discussion circles online and lending a hand to both the
Goddess 2000 Project and the Prelude to the Millenium Event. The Society's involvement in the latter two are mainly to get young Pagans more involved with these community activities. The discussion circles are set up to allow young Pagans an outlet for their thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects including: God, Goddess, Celtic Studies and Spellcrafting.
Starlight Voices will carry news from the organization concerning their activities and issues the Rainwater Society is concerned with. We will operate the same only with a close partnership with the Rainwater Society so we can better serve the young Pagan community. We are currently working out the details of our full involvement with the Society and will post announcements to our website.For more information on this organization please visit the site at: Pagans/

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C e l e b r a t i o n s !

July - August

People in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the summer months. Pagans are now celebrating Lammas, the first of the harvest festivals. This is seen as both a time of happiness and of sorrow. The season of light is coming to a close, making way for the dark season. We celebrate the bountiful harvest by baking corn bread and making corn dollies.

Pagans in the Southern Hemisphere are now celebrating Imbolc. This marks the beginning of spring. Themes surrounding this sabbat include: light, fertility, new beginnings, and creativity. By some, the goddess Brighid is honored at this time.

  • Days of Remembrance

    July 23 Neptunalia (Roman)
    July 31 Day of Loki and Sigyn
    Aug. 1 Lammas, Festival of the Dryads
    Aug. 7 Breaking of the Nile (Egyptian)
    Aug. 13 Hecate's Day (Greek)
    Aug. 15 Festival for Chang-O (Chinese)
    Aug. 20 Day of Inanna
    Aug. 29 Hathor's Birthday (Egyptian)