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Volume I Issue No.1 "A newsletter dedicated to pagan youth spirituality" Oct/Nov 1998
   Seasons' Greetings Friends,

   Welcome to our second issue of Starlight Voices.

  Please Note:The names listed in Pagan Pals were picked 
at random.If you sent in your description,your name will
be listed in upcoming issues. *Important* when writing to
anyone listed please use their name and send it in care of
L.Clark.For example: 
                     Pagan Pals Name Here
                     c/o L. Clark
                     P.O.Box 421495 
                     Los Angeles,CA 90042-0495
   If you have any comments or suggestions please feel
free to send them in to us. This newsletter is for you.

                        Moon SpiritWolf
                        Senior Editor

C e l e b r a t i o n s !

Oct. - Nov. We're in the middle of the fall season. Samhain is fast approaching with its creative/destructive energies. Samhain (more commonly known as Halloween) is the third and final harvest festival. November 1 is the beginning of the Celtic New Year and most pagans still celebrate it as the end and beginning of a new year. During this time the veil between worlds is at its thinnest.That's why Halloween is so well known for the faeries and other mystical creatures that roam about. This is a time for working to manifest our dreams; to destroy negative limitations and start anew. Divination and honoring the dead are also common practices this season. In the southern hemisphere,pagans are celebrating Beltane which is a fertility holiday.Witches dance to symbolically nourish plant life.Spring is at its peak. Union and love between the Goddess and God.The last stop on the road to summer.

Inside this Issue . . .

F E A T U R E S pg.# Ancestors: Honoring Them by M/SR 2 The Dark Lord and Lady by Moon SpiritWolf 2 The Rede: Too Strict? by Silver Willow 3 D E P A R T M E N T S/C O L U M N S Youth Speaks 3 In the Starlight 3 Question and Answer 3 Starlight Review 4 Poll 4 Creative Writing 4 Magickal Notes 4 Pagan Pals 5 Community News 5 A Look Ahead 5
  • Days of Remembrance Oct.20 Festival of Ancestors Oct.29 Feast of the dead Oct.30 Angelitos (Mexican) (In remembrance of children who've died) Oct.31 Samhain -Nov.1 Festival of the Dead November in honor of Kali Nov.1 Celtic New Year Nov.6 Birthday of Tiamat Nov.13 Festival of Jupiter Nov.16 Night of Hecate Nov.21 Feast of Hathor Day of Cailleach
  • Witchy Wars: Goddess Help Us ALL!

    Silver Willow

      Recently I discovered what a witch war really 
    is.I have to admitt I personally have been quite 
    sheltered when it comes to rude people. This 
    article is for all you "Teen" witches out there 
    who could be going through some hard times with 
    all of this. When I think of War only one word 
    comes to my mind,Hate. This emotion,Hate is what
    tears Witches (Pagans & Wiccans)apart from the 
    rest of the world. There are all ready so many 
    who hate us,why must we have hate among our own. 
    What If you are being attacked and you feel you 
    have done nothing wrong?
      Well,I'm very sorry to say... that in most cases 
    that is considered a witch war and nothing can 
    really be done. It's very sad that we have all these 
    Pagan/Wiccan Rights groups but yet no one will help 
    you. You might ask yourself why? Why will no one 
    help? The answer is simple,it's a witch war and no 
    wants to get involved. I hope one day,we will see an 
    organization that truly does what they say they do. 
    In the meantime I offer all of you in a witch war...
    a bit of advice to help you through it.
    Advice For Causing A Witch War or Having 
    A Good Part to Do with It.
     A. Think Calmly.
     B. Remember that everyone has their own opinion.
     C. No one is 100% right.
     D. No one is a 100% wrong.
     E. Think about why it is you are causing so much 
        strife in the first place? Is it really worth
    your time to make the person and yourself 
    so unhappy?
    Advice For A Witch Attacking You and 
    Trying to Cause A Witch War.
     A. Stay Calm.
     B. The best thing to do is walk away 
        from the situation. There is no need 
        in adding fuel to the person's fire. 
        Most of the time if you ignore them 
        they will go away.
     C. There is nothing wrong with having a 
        debate or discussion but when things 
        get a bit out of hand,know when to end 
        the conversation.
     D. Try and stay as open-minded as possible. 
        Most likly the witch who is trying to 
        start a war with you is closed-minded or 
        has other reasons such as: jealousy, 
        feelings of an unfair life,and so on.
      If any of the above are happening in 
    your life right now may the goddess and 
    god be with you. Remember that all 
    though a witch may be saying "Negative" 
    things about you,he/she is human too and 
    probably needs a good friend to guide 
    them in their troubles.
            Blessed Be,
            Silver Willow
    (If you have any questions on Witch Wars
    E-mail me at:
     1998 SW

    What is a witch? When someone calls 
    themselves Witch, what do you think 
    of? Do images of bubbling cauldrons, 
    cackling hags, warts, and flying 
    broomsticks fill your cerebrum? Or 
    do you conjure up visages of young 
    teenagers dressed in black Goth garbs 
    with pentagrams dangling from their 
    necks? For the most part, both are 
    true; but it is the latter of which 
    this piece is focused. 
      To get to the root of it, a Witch 
    is a person who (to generalize) worships
    the Lord and Lady,holds a reverence 
    for the Earth and the Elementals, and 
    who practices the art of magick or 
    "witchcraft".But what has happened to 
    this wholesome religion in these 
    modern times? It is now more likely 
    for people, especially teenagers,to 
    claim that they practice witchcraft 
    just for the shock factor or to rebel 
    against their parents and other authority 
    figures. Sadly, Wicca, Witchcraft, or 
    Paganism in general has become a fad 
    among today's youth.
      With the influence of movies such as 
    "The Craft", "Practical Magic" and 
    television shows like "Sabrina, the 
    Teenaged Witch" and "Charmed", teens are 
    drawn to the mystical part of Paganism 
    and not the spirituality. "It was my 
    unfortunate experience to know a couple 
    of teenagers who claimed to be Wiccan,
     but hadn't even heard of the Goddess,and were 
    simply in it for 'doing spells'," exclaimed 
    Brae, a Pennsylvanian Pagan. "The books I 
    loaned them weren't good enough because 
    there was 'too much spirituality', 'too 
    much work involved in ritual', and 'there 
    wasn't enough spells'". 
      "I think [that] between the breakdown 
    of the traditional coven, the mass 
    publication of low-quality paperbacks, 
    and the fadism of Wicca in the movies over 
    the past few years, it has become a fad. 
    There are a lot of youngsters who play
    with it, then grow out of it," states Gawain,
    a native Pagan from Pittsburgh. 
    But what can we do to combat this ever 
    spreading nuisance? Among the people I 
    interviewed for this article, one of the 
    highest forms of "fad eradication" was education.
      "I say, embrace the fad and the opportunity 
    to educate what Paganism is about!" exclaims 
    Eliza, a Pagan from the northeast region of 
    Pennsylvania. This would give the elder,more 
    seasoned Pagans a chance to expound their vast 
    knowledge into the minds of their eager young 
    pupils. Education is a viable, effective way 
    to reach those in need of guidance. But should 
    one teach minors whose parents may not approve 
    of the interference? 
      This issue comprises a small network of 
    issues including the one above. The only 
    right solution would be one that fits the 
    situation of the individual. This may be
    a lesson taught by an elder or as simple 
    as picking up a few books at the local library. 
    So the next time you see a lost little Wiccan/
    Pagan puppy of a teenager,point them in the 
    direction of the Lord and Lady and leave it 
    at that.

    C R E A T I V E W R I T I N G


    P.eople join A.round the world G.ather hand in hand A.nd chant the names of those on high N.ot to boast, insult, or lie. I.n our hearts a god; a goddess S.tay, and love, and cry M.erry meet and merry part and chant into the sky! *Blessed Be* Adiva (Texas)

    Wheel of The Year

    by Amber Oakthorn
    She dances over a mirror lake,
    Silver hair,
    Like moon strands,
    Reflected off deep blue water,
    She laughs,
    Like chimes,
    And spring arives,
    She still dances,
    Courting a young new God,
    Together they dance through fields of grain,
    The bread is baking,
    And men reap the crops,
    That the bountiful earth has supplied,
    He falls,
    But will be reborn when time turns around.
    How Far Out of the Broomcloset Are You? These are the results we got when we asked the question: Who have you told about your religious choice? 8% are still in the broomcloset 17% have told only their closest friends 29% have told both their friends and parents 21% only tell those who ask 25% Other 'Other responses we got were: 'Some friends and one parent','Only parents',and 'Everyone!'

    S T A R L I G H T R E V I E W

    Book Review:

    The Wicca Spellbook
    Author: Gerina Dunwich
    Published:Citadel Press,1994
    Reviewed by Clover Aurora MoonSky

    GERINA Dunwich is one of those authors who touches me. She (like me) doesn't reach out and grab the norm. She strives to be different. "The Wicca Spellbook" is just so.

    THE book is basically a collection of random spells. The spells are mostly following the Wiccan Rede. But some do not. That's one of the problems that I have with the book. Another is that though there are recipes, there aren't enough! I love to cook for the Sabbats, but I haven't been able to find a whole lot of recipes. The ones she has in there are absolutely beautiful, though. Who in the world would have thought of "gingerbread Witches"? Certainly not I.

    THE book, along with it's spells and recipes, has information about the Sabbats, a small dream dictionary, information on how to predict the future, etc.

    IF you haven't read it already, I highly recommend that you do. It's a must for every Witch's library. :)


    A Dream Spell

    To dream of a certain person:
            1 Chunk of Amethyst
            3 Rose petals
            1 Lock of Hair
            1 piece of daisy Root
            1 Drop Rose or Patchouli Oil (optional)
            1 Pink Candle (melted so wax binds all together)
    Take the amethyst, rose pedals, lock of hair, daisy root, and empower all of them with what you want them to do (in this case being dream magick of a lover or friend). Place the amethyst next to your bed, atop it lay the rose petals, hair(the person of whom you wish to dream of's hair), and the daisy root. If you wish you may top it all off with rose or patchouli oil,and melted pink wax! To be done during the new moon, right before bed.While laying down before going to sleep, keep the thought of the person in mind. (from my B.O.S. this is my own original spell!) ( you have probably seen this one, I've posted it on the web a few times)

    By Silver Willow (California) 1998

    Ritual Cup

    by Psyche

    Here is and idea for your ritual cup.
    Berry Iced Tea (This one goes great with any cake or bread recipe) You'll need:
    3/4 cup Iced Tea (Lipton's the best)
    1/4 cup Cranberry Juice (or pick your favorite berry drink)
    Just mix'em together and there you go.

    2 1/2 cups cold ginger ale
    2 cups cold white grape juice
    2 cups cold lemonade
    Mix all the ingredients in a punch bowl and serve. *You can make ice hands to put in the drink by filling sugical rubber glovs with water and freezing.After it's frozen just take them out of the gloves and prop them up in your punch bowl.


    P A G A N  P A L S

    Brussels,Ontario Canada
    "I am looking to talk to either gender 
    of any age from any part of the world.
    I am a solitary witch, but I am willing
    to talk to any tradition.  I am very 
    out going and will answer anyone!"
    Darkened Relic
    San Carlos,California
    "Merry meet,
    I was a former Catholic,but felt drawn
    to the natural side of life.Interested 
    in talking with someone who would like 
    to speak about life and the craft and 
    maybe even help me along... Not 
    necessarily a teacher or mentor, but a 
    friend. Of Irish heritage, I love to 
    learn and be enriched with information 
    of other crafts. Write to me if you feel 
    inclined to do so. Merry Part ye fellow 
    paganfolk of the world."
    Lady Butterfly
    "Greetings...I am a one-year wiccan 
    looking for a person of my tradition. 
    Either gender may respond."
    "I am almost 17 years old, eclectic 
    solitary witch.When I'm not in school, 
    I read or sit in front of the computer. 
    Have been a witch for almost half a year,
    so I am kind of a newbie. It would be 
    nice to be contacted by other Norwegian 
    pagans and from the other Nordic 
    countries (Iceland, Sweden, Denmark), 
    but it is really all the same..."
    I 5'4 blond hair and brown eyes.
    I have been a witch for 6 months now.
    I love hockey, basket ball and roller 
    blading.I would like pan pals between 
    13-15 but a year or two doesn't matter.
    I would like m/f it doesn't matter but 
    I would like if you are a pagan or witch."
    Aishlin MoonWhisper
    "*Merry Meet*
    My name is Aishlin MoonWhisper and I'm 
    a 17 years old Solitary Ecletic Wiccan.
    I wish to know other pagans/wiccans from 
    all around the world. Please write me :)
            *Blessed Be* "
    " I am a somewhat new wiccan, but I have 
    tried to learn for about a year now. I 
    would love to talk to Wiccan women (35 
    or over) and Wiccan men (30 or younger)."
    Crystal WillowStarr
    Sydney,Nova Scotia Canada
    "Hello!I'm looking for anyone who would 
    like to keep in touch with me. I'm a 
    Solitary Eclectic Wiccan,5'4", 16 years 
    old, auburn/brown hair, and brown eyes. 
    I love to play the clarinet and I love to 
    act.Specificly, I'm hoping to get in touch 
    with others from around Atlantic Canada 
    (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and 
    Newfoundland) but I'd like to here from 
    anyone who wants to take the time to say hi."
    " I am seriously considering the path of 
    witchcraft. I am reading all I can and trying 
    to decide if this is the right path for me. I 
    would love to hear from anyone, anywhere."
    "I am five foot eight tall, I have blonde hair 
    and odd coloured eyes. I have been practicing 
    witchcraft for about a year and a half and 
    would like to hear from people with the same 
    interest,male or female of any age."
    Brandon Carson
    La Mesa,California
    "I'm a 16 year old solitary living in San Diego. 
    I've been studying Wicca for about a year now, 
    so I guess you could say I'm eclectic. Anybody 
    can write me, I'm not really picky. Thanks and 
    blessed be!"

    C O M M U N I T Y  N E W S

    Pittsburgh Area
    2nd Annual Witches Ball,Sat. Oct. 24
    1st U.U 7 to witching hour.Come in costume.
    Readers,vendors,entertainment,ritual by Elspeth of 
    Havenway. $5 to rent space.
    Los Angeles Area
    Pagan teen study group forming.Seeking new members to
    attend regular meetings.Topics include book discussion,
    divination readings,etc. Contact Psyche for more info

    A  L O O K  A H E A D

    Next issue will be sent out at the end of November.
    We'll have PART I pf a new series we're starting called
    'Witchcraft/Paganism Today'; An article on the Trickster
    and lots keep reading!
    Blessed Be,Starlight Voices Staff
    Write to us at:
    Starlight Voices
    c/o L. Clark
    P.O.Box 421495
    Los Angeles,CA 90042-0495