Our Growing Numbers
by Styra For centuries Pagans were forced to hide in the dark but in the last decades our numbers have been increasing. Why? Here are the three most popular answers I received: The Environmentalist Movement~ The latin translation of the word Pagan is "People of the Earth." In the last century we have become aware that we are destroying our planet. People are beginning to realize that though Nature can exist without us, we cannot exist without Nature. Action is being taken and people are once again seeing the cycle of life. Love, respect and reverence for our planet and the life energies there is growing, therefore, so are our numbers. Monotheistic Religions~ In North America, many of us are descendants of Europeans. Europe has been a Christian populated continent since Saint Patrick went out of his way to convert the Celts. Therefore, many of us with European backgrounds, come from Christian families. The pressure in this religion is intense, the mythology incredible and many feel the concepts just don't fit the times. Many feel unsatisfied and incomplete. Pagan religions offer the freedom to worship how you feel fit, a chance to get close to your deity, balance, and perhaps most importantly acceptance. A religion of nature feels that the concept of the "unnatural" is ridiculous and many "sinners" gain self-love here. Media~ Though no witch likes to admit it, it is true that media is drawing people back to the old ways. Surprisingly, though the way we are portrayed is false, many read up on the "super-natural" and find that though it is not what they thought, it is where they belong. Pagan religions are becoming more popular. These three answers seem to be most common. These reasons all scream one thing at me; that pagan religions ARE for today's world because they deal with today's issues. In a century where we are looking for an identity, we look to the past and return to the old ways. There is no doubt that our community will continue to grow.
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