Back in the times when pagan religions dominated the globe, there was a lot of
stress, a lot of sickness, a lot of headaches, and sad to say, not a lot of
preprocessed geltabs to cure these problems.  The people centuries ago had to
use leaves, roots and flowers as-is, and that was that.  While some may say
"I'd DIE without aspirin!"  there may be the occasional event where you've
left it at home, you've got a splitting headache, no one else has any, it's
right before a big test, you're starting to see your own blood in the backs of
your this a problem?
Because you realized that you just happened to have a small collection of
assorted leaves and roots in your backpack (well,  it COULD happen).  And if
you don't have them this time, you will next time cause I'm going to tell you
what you can carry around with you.  Hey, if nothing else...theses things wont
violate the "no drug" policies at school. (Cause nothing is more annoying than
getting saturday school for carrying a bottle of unauthorized Aleeve). 

~Stressed out over a test or over friendship problems or over a ritual that
you're afraid wont go right?  Chamomile tea will help a LOT (believe me on
this one.  I've tried it.)

~If you get a splinter from your broom or other wooden object, comfrey leaf
and calendula flowers will be like Neosporin.  They can heal the cut quickly
and relieve pain. (This will not work if you rub them on your temples for a
headache.  Nice try.)

~If you're sick all the time due to a weak or slow immune system, or if you're
just recovering from something, use astragalus.  It can strengthen the immune
system (which, for those of you who don't know, is the system that your body
uses to fight disease).

~If you've got a cold that you want out and out NOW, echinacea root will
shorten the virus's life span.

~And finally...if you have a headache (because of that big test) feverfew and
meadowsweet herbs will take care of that for you.

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