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Below are links to the full size images of Amanda- Elizabeth Gracen. Anything needs crediting,please let me know.Screen capture copyrights owned by Davis/Panzer and Rysher Pictures will open in a new window. 1. Interview 2. Autographing 3. With Stan Kirsch at a Convention 4. Sword Drawn 5. Posing as the Raven 6. Poster of the series 7. Poster "Immortality is a Bitch" 8. Partners With Nick Wolf 9. The Raven with Nick Wolf 10. Friends with Lucy 11. Red hair one of her many styles 12. Swordplay 13. Tricks she up to the old ones again. 14. "You can trust me..." 15. Amanda with dark hair 16. Amanda being interrogated 17. Amanda with Rebecca 18. Performing with Duncan 19. Dancing with Duncan 20. Flashback from way back 21. Running with Methos and Duncan 22. Together with Duncan Had enough? No?!?!? I'll be back with some more soon.