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Youth Speaks

We asked a few teens to talk about their meaning of a spiritual experience:

What is your idea of a spiritual experience? Can you tell us about a spiritual experience you've had?

"My idea of a spiritual experience is kinda like a meeting with Divinity where you can forget all the boring/stressful/ irritating mundane stuff. And no, I don't think I've had a spiritual experience yet... except maybe when I first met my spirit animals, and sometimes when I pray to Brigid and I think she's answering."

--Jade F~S, 12

"A spiritual experience can be any number of things for different people. It can be anything from a feeling you get while listening to music to a dream to an almost supernatural occurance.

I haven't had that many major spiritual experiences, but there's one that sticks out in my mind. It was after doing a full moon ritual and I had just finished a spell the required me to pour out the water I'd used onto the ground outside. I went outside to pour it out and look at the moon. The thing is, I couldn't find the moon. It just wasn't there, and it never occured to me that it could have been cloudy, it felt as though the moon had disappeared. Anyway, I gave up looking for it and went inside to have a glass of milk, which is what I do after moon rituals. But instead of milk, I reached for the water we keep in a jug in the fridge. That water was the best tasting water I've ever had, it was almost creamy, and while I was drinking it I had the distinct impression that I was drinking the moon. I didn't know what to make of it, but I spoke with someone later and she said I had probably Drawn Down the Moon, like you hear of in some books. I still remember that experience in the utmost detail, and all my feelings at the time. It's one of those things where you feel like you're in a dream. That, I think, was definitely a spiritual experience."

--Anna, 18

"My definition of a spiritual experience is a time when a person feels closest to their view of God, it might be when a Witch casts a circle and feels the power for the first time, or when a Christian takes communion. Any time that a person feels that their God has touched them in a way.

A spiritual experience I have had recently is this, for the last two years I have searched long and hard to find a Patron Goddess, I went through alot of major Goddesses from Aphrodite to Isis and all in between. Everytime I would change my mind and feel that that was not right, at those times the name "Nimue" came into mind. I just looked past that telling myself she wasn't a major Goddess and would not be a good choice. Last week I finally decided to give her a try. Boy! Was I glad I did that. The day after I chose her it rained for three days straight (Nimue is a goddess of Water) Then while I was cleaning my desk I happened upon my Tarot cards. I picked them up and looked at the bottom card which to my surprise was a card entitled "Seeker of Water" (shapeshifter tarot) I looked in the book and saw what Goddess they had linked to that card, guess who it was. Nimue. I was surprised. Then I had this wonderful feeling come over me like a hug warm hug and a female voice whispered in my ear, "Thank you". It was so awesome. That was a spiritual moment."

--Dante, 17