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In The Starlight

The Witches Voice

This is a Pagan website, one of the largest and most authorative on the latest in news and information pertaining to the Pagan community. Many of you may already be familiar with it. It is located at

Starlight Voices is giving recognition to the webmasters of this site for maintaining an active section for teens. In the "Teenage Witchcraft" section of the website you will find numerous articles written by and for Pagan teens.

You may find other well done sites with teen written articles and essays, but this one takes the cake. That is because it does not have a separate site for teenagers, but rather has a section connected to the rest of the site which is important so as not to isolate teens from the rest of the community. In their own words
"...we simply never thought in terms of Teen vs. "adult" in the creation and evolvement of this web site. Any reference to Teens here at Witchvox are due to requests from Teens themselves."

You will find information well-organized and intellectually stimulating, possibly even something you can relate to. Keep in mind that the essays are written by Teens and are meant to educate and help other Pagan Teens. It presents a positive outlet for creative thinking and diverse opinions.

Many thanks to Wren Walker, Fritz Jung, and Diotima for the excellent service to the Pagan community, and for the special attention to the Young Pagan community.