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Desert Oasis Gathering Circle First Saturday of every month Beginning October 2, 1999 at 2:00 P.M. in Orange County. Desert Oasis is a free gathering circle for any teenager who is either a Pagan or interested in becoming one. It was formed to allow young Witches to meet and learn from each other as they grow more experienced in the Craft. One can come and go as they please. Open to anyone under the age of 21 in Southern California. No requirements or any experience necessary for those who want to join. Meetings scheduled to accommodate the members. Email Ocean Rose if you would like to join or want further information

Restoring The BalanceA Ritual Theater Event
To be held November 6, 1999 at 8:00 pm at the Willits Community Center located at 111E Commercial in Willits,CA. Journey through the last millennium as we recreate some pivotal events .... the Inquisition, genocide of Native peoples, Slavery in America, destruction of our forests, and is not a pretty picture and we must come beyond denial and repression of our feelings about these events if we are to heal. Contact Ann at or (707)459-4499

CotES Coven of the Eternal Starlight, a pagan youth group, holds open meetings every month at different places. Call, write, or email for more information. ONCE MONTHLY. CotES also has open rites and celebrations for anyone interested. Located in the Mnt. View/Los Altos/Sunnyvale area Contact Lyra at (650) 968-0994 or visit the site: MICHIGAN

Green Spiral A networking event held every other Wednesday by MSU's Eclectic Pagan Network.To be held at the Michigan State Univ. Student Union (in the Minnesota room) in East Lansing, MI. Green Spiral is a discussion and networking group for Pagan students at Michigan State and folks in the surrounding Lansing area. We welcome people of all ages and stages of learning. Visit: for more info.

CANADA:Prince Edward Island

Samhain Meet and Greet This is a Pagan meet and greet, with a Wiccan ritual to follow. To be held at Bonshaw, R.R.#3 St. Catherin's Rd. in Charlottetown at 8:30 pm on October 31,1999.Children are welcome, snacks and drinks are suggested (for your own personal consumption. Call for directions if you are interested in attending. Contact Jennifer Morningstar at or (902)675-2776


Rainwater Society News
  • The Rainwater Society is giving itself a makeover. All discussion circles have been discontinued for now but will once again be operating by November 19, 1999. So if you are interested in taking part, visit the website and sign up. Topics discussed are Celtic Studies, God, Goddess, Wheel of the Year, Spellcrafting, with more to come.
  • The Society is looking for more submissions of Pagan
  • groups, media, and organizations that benefit young Pagans. If you know of any, email with information.

    Starlight Voices Seeks Writers
    We are looking for article submissions. If you like to write and want to have your work published in this newsletter, contact Moon SpiritWolf or Cyrex Azger at for more information. We're looking for essays, articles, poetry, and reviews written by young Pagans. We are also looking for regular writers and an editor.

    PAGAN PALS (Online)

    For those who didn't know, people listed in the Pagan Pals section of this newsletter are now on-line at our website. You may still write to them in care of Starlight Voices if you wish. However, they can also be emailed on-line. Pagan Pals will be listed on our website for three months at a time. If they do not update their listing in that time, it will be removed. Thanks to all who participate.

    Tim M/14/Cancer Broomfield, Colorado "14 year old beginner looking for some new friends, and to expand my horizons..." Email:

    Willow F/22/Scorpio Soquel, California "Merry Meet! Seeking in depth conversations from those with inquisitive minds. I am 3/4 Native Americanm Indian and my spiritual journey has both the traditional values and beliefs of my native ancestory as well as neo pagan ideology...Always looking to enlighten myself further, so lets delve deeper...Blessed Be and Merry Meet Again!"

    ~*SilverStorm*~ F/14/Aquarius Shenandoah, Virginia "MM I'm a beginning wiccan. I love to write, rollerblade etc. My ascendant is Scorpio and my moon sign is Gemini. I have aol, icq, and various other internet chat tools, and I love to communicate with people. I'd prefer talking with people generally in my age range if it's possible, but other than that I don't really have any preferences. GB :)"

    Little Star F/16/Taurus Haltom City, Texas "I'm a 16 year old who is very new to this craft. I know very little and anyone who wouldn't mind helping me get more involved, I would like them to contact me."

    Apryl F/16/Taurus Sacramento, California "I would like to talk to people from all over the world, male or female. I would also hope to find some one in my area as well. Thank you."

    Shauna F/13/Aries Vancouver, BC, CAN "I wish to talk to someone more "advanced" in the areas of Paganism just because I am a beginner and could use some help. But I would really enjoy if anyone took the time to e-mail me." Email:

    Starlight Voices c/o Moon SpiritWolf
    P.O. BOX 421495
    Los Angeles, CA 90042-0495