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Lyra F/15/Leo Mountain View,California "Acting as leader for a Bay Area group called Coven of the Eternal Starlight. Also moderate the onelist CotES (same as our name) which is open for all pagan youth. Check out for more! (selfish self promotion!) Would love to chat with anyone, especially those of the Faery faith, or those who are involved with covens or those who work as solitaries, or anyone. :) Love Luck and Light, Lyra."

Tim M/14/Cancer Broomfield, Colorado "14 year old beginner looking for some new friends, and to expand my horizons..." Email:

Willow F/22/Scorpio Soquel, California "Merry Meet! Seeking in depth conversations from those with inquisitive minds. I am 3/4 Native Americanm Indian and my spiritual journey has both the traditional values and beliefs of my native ancestory as well as neo pagan ideology...Always looking to enlighten myself further, so lets delve deeper...Blessed Be and Merry Meet Again!"

~*SilverStorm*~ F/14/Aquarius Shenandoah, Virginia "MM I'm a beginning wiccan. I love to write, rollerblade etc. My ascendant is Scorpio and my moon sign is Gemini. I have aol, icq, and various other internet chat tools, and I love to communicate with people. I'd prefer talking with people generally in my age range if it's possible, but other than that I don't really have any preferences. GB :)"

Little Star F/16/Taurus Haltom City, Texas "I'm a 16 year old who is very new to this craft. I know very little and anyone who wouldn't mind helping me get more involved, I would like them to contact me."

Apryl F/16/Taurus Sacramento, California "I would like to talk to people from all over the world, male or female. I would also hope to find some one in my area as well. Thank you."

Shauna F/13/Aries Vancouver, BC, CAN "I wish to talk to someone more "advanced" in the areas of Paganism just because I am a beginner and could use some help. But I would really enjoy if anyone took the time to e-mail me." Email:

Rachael F/15/Gemini El Reno, Oklahoma "I am a 15 year old solitary who has been practicing the craft for a little over a year now. I'd like to talk to anyone about Wicca, but especially people in Oklahoma and Texas." Email: