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Dressing Up Halloween Treats

by Psyche

Here are a few quick ideas for dressing up those Halloween treats, whether they be for trick-or-treaters or for a party, breakfast, or ritual.

Use for Halloweenish cookie-cutters:

  • Breakfast: These make fun designs out of your average breakfast foods, such as eggs(not scrambled or boiled), pancakes, and even toast. This can also be applied to your ritual food (cookies, bread, cake,etc.) Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters?
  • Throw a piece of white tissue paper of your lollipops, or suckers and tie a colored thread or yarn around the stick at the base of the sucker. Draw on a face with a marker and you'll have yourself a cute lil' ghost to give away.
  • Wrapping a piece of orange-colored tissue paper around small packets of candy corn, gumballs, etc. and wrapping with green thread or yarn will allow you to hand out lil' "surprises" to the trick-or-treaters this Halloween. These ideas are great if you enjoy really putting a little extra effort into this Halloween.