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Volume II Issue No.1October/November 1999

Greetings Friends,
Welcome to our third issue of Starlight Voices.
We've got the first printing of our new environmental column "The Green Life" featuring an article by the column's editor, Dragonraven.
*Special note to our readers: We are featuring an article as part II of our Witchcraft/Paganism Today series in this issue. It's titled: Teens in a Pagan Society and is written by an exceptional young Pagan, Silver Willow. We want to make it clear that the author does not condone young people to stay in the closet with their families. We need to clarify that even though there is help for closet-ridden teens in the article, it's written to be humorous as well and not as a way of hiding from your parents. Please keep that in mind when reading the article.

As always your comments are welcome. Blessed be,
Moon SpiritWolf, Senior Editor

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We're entering the dark season. A time for families, whether it be to honor the dead, or feasting with visiting relatives. It's a very magickal time now when the veil between worlds is thinnest. This is when we let go of the past to make room in our lives for new beginnings.

Southern Hemisphere Pagans are feeling the end of the spring season. The sun's warmth is growing as the days grow longer. Beltane is upon us, and this too, is a powerful time. Now is the time for romance and love.

  • Days of Remembrance
    18 Festival of Herne (Greek)
    20 Festival of Ancestors (Chinese)
    30 Los Angelitos (Mexican)
    31 Halloween (also Samhain)

    1 Samhain (Celtic)
    2 All Soul's Day
    6 Birthday of Tiamat (Babylonian)
    7 Makahiki Festival (Hawaii)
    10 Festival of the Goddess of Reason (French)
    11 Feast of Dionysus, Veteran's Day
    16 Night of Hecate
    21 Feast of Hathor (Egyptian)
    25 Thanksgiving Day (U.S.)
    26 Festival of Lights