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Trees: The Gentle Warriors

Trees have many values to life on Earth. These "gentle warriors" help battle things like air pollution, mud slides, extreme weather, and global warming. They provide food, shelter, and even help satisfy spiritual needs. In addition to all of that, trees are recognized in the Pagan community for their magickal properties. Trees deserve to be given a little extra attention these days.

There is a downside to having trees around in certain areas. When dead and if not disposed of properly, trees an become a fire hazard. They've also been known to fall on people, houses, across roads, and on power lines. So when they are in populated areas, trees do need to be maintained.

As far as spirituality is concerned, some people connect to a spiritual existence when surrounded by trees and other plant life. The sheer beauty of trees brings a sense of wonder to the admirer. It's believed that having trees nearby can help reduce stress. They even lend to the healing process.

Magickally speaking, trees have certain properties that can be used by those who recognize them. Here are some examples:

Alderconfidence, strength
Applelife, renewal, beauty
Ashrebirth, peace, communication
Aspenintuition, overcoming obstacles, sensitivity
Birchbeginnings, energy
Blackthorncontrol, connected to the Dark Lady
Elderchange, life cycles
Firvigor, secrecy
Oaktruth, strength, endurance
Rowaninsight, premonition, creativity
Willowintuition, enchantment, psychic ability