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~ Goddess 2000 Project ~

Honors the Spirits of Nature

~ Goddess 2000 Project ~ "A Goddess on Every Block!" is a Grass-roots community based Sacred Arts Project. Thousand of pagans and others who honor the Earth are preparing to welcome the year 2000 by creating large Goddess statues and paintings, as well as a wide variety of images celebrating divinity in Nature.

This year, all over the world, pagan groups, circles, solitaries and others who honor the Spirits of nature will be making artwork that celebrates and honors the Goddess, the Green Man, the CornMother, Earth and the Spirits of Nature. This is a coming together of many diverse groups who honor Nature, the sacred source of all life. It will be the largest outpouring of Goddess and Sacred Nature Imagery seen in the past 3,000 years!

The Project was officially started on Winter Solstice 1998. There are Coordinators and Contact People in many areas to answer questions. Winter Solstice 1999 will be celebrated with Community rituals, drumming, and Spiral Dances in local areas around the US and in other countries. Statues are being made in wood, plaster, concrete, clay, paper, fibre and metal. Paintings, collages, murals, and labyrinths are also being made. Some are honoring the Earth Goddess by planting trees, and building living labyrinths with shrubs and grasses.

Come join in this event. People of all ages are encouraged to paticipate. Many of the Goddess pieces are for public display and many are being displayed only in people's homes and in their gardens. The point is to create a web of Goddess energy. You don't need to be public with your Goddess art unless you want to. The power is in the Creation of these pieces of sacred imagery.

You don't have to be an artist to make Goddess Art. If you love the Goddess, you will honor Her with whatever you make. "The Goddess 2000 Project" network in growing! Write and let us know what you or your group are making for the "Goddess 2000 Project." A book is planned to document all the pieces of Goddess Art created for the "Goddess 2000 Project".

Taking a few moments to sing or say this Chant everyday will greatly expand the energy of the ~Goddess 2000 Project~, strengthen your connection with Goddess energy, and unite us as a global community.

~Goddess 2000 Project Chant~

We are the hands of the Goddess And to Her we offer these... Images made sacred by the spirit in our hearts

We are people of the Goddess in Her honor we celebrate... Joining together in community Pagan peoples of the Earth

We are the hands of the Goddess And to Her we offer these... Images made sacred by the spirit in our hearts

We honor Her in Asia, We honor Her in Africa, We honor Her in Europe, We honor Her in Australia, We honor Her in Scandanavia. We honor Her in South America We honor Her in North America, We honor Her in the Islands

We are the Pagans of the Goddess 2000... Growing in numbers Every day

We are the hands of the Goddess And to Her we offer these... Images made sacred by the spirit in our hearts

Copyright 1998 Abby Willowroot, Goddess 2000 Project.

If you would like some ideas or instructions for creating your Goddess 2000 we would be glad to help. Visit the website at ~Goddess 2000 Project~ PO Box 403 - Benicia, CA 94510 - USA