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Desert Oasis Gathering Circle

First Saturday of every month Beginning October 2, 1999 at 2:00 P.M. in Orange County The Desert Oasis is a free gathering circle for any teenager who is either a Pagan or merely interested in becoming one. It was formed to allow young Witches to meet and learn from each other as they grow more experienced in the Craft. There is no commitment needed; one can come and go as they please. It is not a strict coven with rules and regulations, but rather a learning opportunity to study the Craft and meet with other young Pagans in your area. The Desert Oasis Gathering Circle is open to anyone under the age of 21 residing in Southern California. There are no requirements nor any amount of experience necessary for those who want to join. Meetings will be scheduled to accommodate the members' needs. Please email Ocean Rose if you would like to join or want further information

Restoring The Balance

A Ritual Theater Event
To be held November 6, 1999 at 8:00 pm at the Willits Community Center located at 111E Commercial in Willits,CA. Journey with us through the last millennium with us as we recreate some of the pivotal events that have brought us to this point in time.... the inquisition, genocide of Native peoples, Slavery in America, destruction of our forests, industrial revolution and is not a pretty picture and we must come beyond denial and repression of our feelings about these events if we are to heal and be available for our True nature to unfold, for the lost wisdom of these repressed peoples and cultures to speak to us , for an opening to Hear and create community. Let us empty our hearts of the pain, sorrow and fear of the past and prepare for a bright future! Contact Ann at or (707)459-4499


Green Spiral

A networking event held every other Wednesday sponsored by Green Spiral: MSU's Eclectic Pagan Network. The next event will be a meeting on "divination" (Oct.26). To be held at the Michigan State Univ. Student Union (in the Minnesota room). In East Lansing, MI Green Spiral is a discussion and networking group for Pagan students at Michigan State and folks in the surrounding Lansing area. We welcome people of all ages and stages of learning. Meetings are every other Wednesday, year-round. Visit our web site: for more info.

CANADA:Prince Edward Island

Samhain Meet and Greet

This is a Pagan meet and greet, with a Wiccan ritual to follow. To be held at Bonshaw, R.R.#3 St. Catherin's Rd. in Charlottetown at 8:20 pm on October 31,1999.Children are welcome, snacks and drinks are suggested (for your own personal consumption. Rain or shine. Please call listed phone number for directions if you are interested in attending. We hope to eventually set up a regular group! Contact Jennifer Morningstar at or (902)675-2776