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For those who didn't know, people listed in the Pagan Pals section of this newsletter are now on-line at our website. You may still write to them in care of Starlight Voices if you wish. However, they can also be emailed on-line. Pagan Pals will be listed on our website for three months at a time. If they do not update their listing in that time, it will be removed. Thanks to all who participate. ____________________________

Rainwater Society News

The Rainwater Society is giving itself a makeover. All discussion circles have been discontinued for now but will once again be operating by November 12, 1999. So if you are intersted in taking part, visit the website and sign up. Topics discussed are Celtic Studies, God, Goddess, Wheel of the Year, Spellcrafting, with more to come.

The Society is still looking for more submissions of Pagan groups, media, and organizations that benefit young Pagans. If you know of any, email with information.

The Rainwater Society wants to encourage you to participate in The Goddess 2000 Project.(For more info see page ___ of this issue). We want to see more young Pagans get involved with this community activity. ____________________________

Starlight Voices Seeks Writers

We are looking for article submissions. If you like to write and want to have your work published in this newsletter, contact Moon SpiritWolf or Cyrex Azger at for more information. We're looking for essays, articles, poetry, and reviews written by young Pagans.