How long have you been a practicing Witch?
I have been involved in Wicca since I was 13. I started to practice at 15.

Are your parent(s) supportive of your religious choice?
At first, they were leery. I gave my mother some literature to read and after a while she came to understand. The rest of the family ignores the issue.

What is your summarization of the young Pagan community? Who are the young Pagans in your eyes?
I have had little contact with the Pagan community. Up until this case started, I had no contact with other Pagans. Because I am just beginning to learn, this question is difficult to answer. As I see it, young pagans are at a disadvantage unless they have personal access to other Pagans.

Are there any improvements you'd like to see within the community as well as with the public's view on teens in the Craft?
The public (the majority) see teenaged involvement within the Craft as a "phase" they will grow out of. There is an element of truth in this, as Witchcraft is alluring to teens and after they realize what the religion really is and isn't, they loose interest and move on. However, for those who are serious and have a genuine interest in learning their craft, ridicule like this makes it difficult. Young pagans are not often taken seriously in matters like this.

**Questions dealing with the case against your school**

Have there been any negative responses to the issue that you've personally had to deal with?
Some, not many. I have some psychos who are writing me letters. They are not Christians (as many assume). And one woman in particular keeps calling me. She's a born again Christian. She called to tell me I was going to Hell and she has claimed my name for Jesus. I told her a prayer is a spell and a spell without one's permission is black magick. She screamed Bible scripture over the phone and I hung up.

What were your parent(s) take on the situation? What were their feelings on you getting involved?
They were apprehensive about the reaction I would get. They were concentrating more on the 1st Amendment rights that were being violated.

Before this case did you have any problems at school due to your religion?
Once, a teacher mistook my pentacle for a gang symbol. It was sent to the police officer and he said he'd never seen anything like it. It then was sent to my asst. principal and I was called down. I explained it was a religious symbol, the ideology of Wicca. I was cleared.

What is at least one important lesson that you learned from this experience?
Stand up for yourself. Don't sit on your butt and bitch about what's not being done. Do it.

Is there anything else you'd like to add? Any advice for young practitioners? A message you'd like to get across to them?
Just because you are young doesn't mean you don't have some conviction. It doesn't mean you can't accomplish anything and it doesn't make you any less capable of making a difference. WADL has created a branch called YoungWADL. That is what the theme of this organization is. You can do anything if you try hard enough.

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