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Volume I Issue No.2 "A newsletter dedicated to pagan youth spirituality" Dec.'98/Jan 1999
   Seasons' Greetings Friends,

   Welcome to our second issue of Starlight Voices.
We've gotten many positive responses from our first issue,
so here we go again.
   First we'd like to introduce you to our new staff:
Cyrex Azger and Silver Willow as our webmasters;Flicker,
Arianna,and Styra as writers;and Dragonraven who will
head up our environmental column starting with our next 
   You'll notice that we don't have a Q & A this edition.
We haven't received any questions.If you have any 
questions,comments,or ideas for a poll,please let us
know.This newsletter is for you.

                        Moon SpiritWolf
                        Senior Editor

C e l e b r a t i o n s !

Dec. - Jan. In the northern hemisphere,we're celebrating the Yule season. This is a very festive season for us, when our families and friends come together for the holidays. Yule is right near the end of the dark half of the year. Symbolically,this is when the Goddess gives birth to the God (the sun). Like Samhain,Yule is a time to look over the past year and then forward to new beginnings. Pagans in the southern hemisphere are getting set to celebrate Litha,or Midsummer. Traditionally,herbs are gathered at the summer solstice. Litha is the climax of solar light and is a very passionate festival. Since Litha and Yule are directly across from one another on the Wheel of the Year,both mark important points of the sun's journey. Litha is when the sun is at its greatest power before it begins to wane. At Yule,the sun is at its weakest,before it ascends and returns light and warmth to the world.

Inside this Issue . . .

F E A T U R E S pg.# Witchy Wars by Silver Willow 2 O Mischievious One by Moon SpiritWolf 2 Witchcraft/Paganism Today Part I:Witchcraft as a Fad by Arianna Stillfield 3 D E P A R T M E N T S/C O L U M N S Youth Speaks 3 In the Starlight 4 Starlight Review 4 Poll Question 5 Creative Writing 3-4 Magickal Notes 4-5 Pagan Pals 5 Community News 5 A Look Ahead 5
  • Days of Remembrance Dec.8 Birthday of Amaterasu Dec.17-23 Roman Saturnalia Dec.21 Winter Solstice (N.hemis) Summer Solstice (S.hemis) Dec.23 Day of Hathor (Egypt) Dec.31 Wishing Night (Mexico) Night of the Norns Jan.2 Birth of Inanna Jan.10 Day of Freyja Jan.27 Roman Paganalia (Day of the Earth Mother)
  • Witchy Wars: Goddess Help Us ALL!

    by Silver Willow

    Witch War:

    "a witch war is the road to power. They are like gossip,and everyone gets involved, hearing 30 different stories. Then it becomes a power trip, over who is right and who is wrong. In the end, everyone is hurt, its all about power and not losing face."

      Recently I discovered what a witch war really  is.I have to admit I personally have been quite  sheltered when it comes to rude people. This  article is for all you "Teen" witches out there  who could be going through some hard times with  all of this. When I think of War only one word  comes to my mind,Hate. This emotion,Hate is what tears Witches (Pagans & Wiccans)apart from the  rest of the world. There are already so many  who hate us,why must we have hate among our own.
    What if you are being attacked and you feel you  have done nothing wrong?

      Well,I'm very sorry to say... that in most cases  that is considered a witch war and nothing can  really be done. It's very sad that we have all these  Pagan/Wiccan Rights groups yet no one will help  you. You might ask yourself why? Why will no one  help? The answer is simple,it's a witch war and no one wants to get involved. I hope one day,we will see an  organization that truly does what they say they do.  In the meantime I offer all of you in a witch war... a bit of advice to help you through it.

    Advice For Causing A Witch War or Having
    A Good Part to Do with It.

    A. Think Calmly.
    B. Remember that everyone has their own opinion.
    C. No one is 100% right.

    D. No one is 100% wrong.
    E. Think about why it is you are causing 
    so much strife in the first place? Is it really worth your time to make the person and yourself so unhappy? Advice For You are Attacked

    A. Stay Calm.
    B. The best thing to do is walk away from the situation. There is no need to add fuel to the person's fire. Most of the time if you ignore them they will go away. C. There is nothing wrong with having a debate or discussion but when things get a bit out of hand,know when to end the conversation. D. Try and stay as open-minded as possible. Most likely the witch who is trying to start a war with you is close-minded or has other reasons such as: jealousy, feelings of an unfair life,and so on. If any of the above are happening in your life right now may the goddess and god be with you. Remember that although a witch may be saying "Negative" things about you,he/she is human too and probably needs a good friend to guide them in their troubles. (If you have any questions on Witch Wars E-mail me at: © 1998 SW

    O Mischievous One

    by Moon SpiritWolf When one thinks of the Trickster,perhaps Loki's trickery against Norse deities comes to mind,or maybe Hermes' mischief. There are legends of the exploits of Raven,Coyote,the spider-faeries Anansi and Iktomi,and many others.It seems that many different cultures had tales of their trickster and passed these down through the generations. They were stories of treachery,cunning, creativity,and slyness that could only belong to the Trickster. The purpose of the stories could be to teach,to be related to,or
    just to entertain.The importance of the 
    Trickster varies between cultures,but they 
    each had their own motives,and their own 
    little role to play in this world.
     The Trickster isn't always as physically 
    powerful or magickally skillful as other mythic 
    creatures.However,his cunning and shape-shifting 
    talents allow him to be equally competitive.His 
    trickery can get him into trouble...even a 
    trickster can be tricked.His sly cunning can 
    usually get him out of any sticky situation,
      In magick,tricksters are called upon for their
    stealth and shape-shifting talents...afterall he
    is the Master of disguises,isn't he?
      In myths,tricksters are sometimes viewed as
    Creators,or more importantly,transformers.
    They may be cunning and their actions appalling,
    but there usually follows a transformation of 
    some type.His actions somehow explain why the
    world is the way it is now.There is definitely
    something intriguing about these mischievous

    Witchcraft/Paganism Today Part I:
    Witchcraft as a Fad

    by Arianna Stillfield
    What is a witch? 
    When someone calls themselves Witch, what 
    do you think of? Do images of bubbling cauldrons, 
    cackling hags, warts, and flying broomsticks 
    fill your cerebrum? Or do you conjure up visages 
    of young teenagers dressed in black Goth garbs 
    with pentagrams dangling from their necks? For 
    the most part, both are true; but it is the 
    latter of which this piece is focused. 
      To get to the root of it, a Witch is a person 
    who (to generalize) worships the Lord and Lady,
    holds a reverence for the Earth and the 
    Elementals, and who practices the art of 
    magick or "witchcraft".But what has happened 
    to this wholesome religion in these modern 
    times? It is now more likely for people, 
    especially teenagers,to claim that they 
    practice witchcraft just for the shock factor 
    or to rebel against their parents and other 
    authority figures. Sadly, Wicca, Witchcraft,
    or Paganism in general has become a fad among 
    today's youth.
      With the influence of movies such as "The Craft", 
    "Practical Magic" and television shows like 
    "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" and "Charmed", 
    teens are drawn to the mystical part of Paganism 
    and not the spirituality. "It was my unfortunate 
    experience to know a couple of teenagers who 
    claimed to be Wiccan,but hadn't even heard 
    of the Goddess,and were simply in it for 
    'doing spells'," exclaimed Brae, a Pennsylvanian 
    "The books I loaned them weren't good 
    enough because there was 'too much 
    spirituality', 'too much work involved 
    in ritual', and 'there wasn't enough 
      "I think [that] between the breakdown 
    of the traditional coven, the mass 
    publication of low quality paperbacks, 
    and the fadism of Wicca in the movies over 
    the past few years, it has become a fad. 
    There are a lot of youngsters who play
    with it,then grow out of it," states Gawain,
    a native Pagan from Pittsburgh. But what 
    can we do to combat this ever spreading 
    nuisance? Among the people I interviewed 
    for this article, one of the highest forms 
    of "fad eradication" was education.
       "I say, embrace the fad and the 
    opportunity to educate what Paganism is 
    about!" exclaims Eliza, a Pagan from the 
    northeast region of Pennsylvania. This 
    would give the elder,more seasoned Pagans 
    a chance to expound their vast knowledge 
    into the minds of their eager young pupils. 
    Education is a viable, effective way to 
    reach those in need of guidance. But 
    should one teach minors whose parents may 
    not approve of the interference? 
      This issue comprises a small network of 
    issues including the one above. The only 
    right solution would be one that fits the 
    situation of the individual. This may be
    a lesson taught by an elder or as simple 
    as picking up a few books at the local 
    library. So the next time you see a lost 
    little Wiccan/Pagan puppy of a teenager,
    point them in the direction of the Lord 
    and Lady and leave it at that.

    Y O U T H S P E A K S

    In addition to Arianna's article,we decided 
    to ask a few more members of the pagan 
    community for their opinion on this subject: 
    Is Witchcraft Becoming a Fad? Is that Good or Bad? 
    "I think it is becoming a fad and that this is 
    both bad and good. I think it is bad because 
    there are stupid people who are doing it and 
    thinking they are cool when they don't even 
    know what they are talking about and they are 
    giving those of us who are sincere a bad name. 
    I think it is good because,Wicca is a great 
    religion and if a person is serious then it 
    can be really good for them." ~Styra 
    - - - - - - - - - - - 
    "Yeah! Sooo many people are calling themselves 
    witches just because they think it's the cool 
    thing to do. I hate when people do that. You 
    shouldn't do something just because it's 'cool'. 
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    "I think Witchcraft is becoming a fad but not 
    Wicca,since few people know about Wicca.
    Witchcraft as portrayed in movies and TV shows
    is becoming popular.With the recent movies 
    "Practical Magic","The Craft" and on T.V., 
    "Charmed",more people are becoming wannabes, 
    therefore a new branch of witchcraft is  
    coming about,the Media Witch,so that is the 
    fad." ~Aedan Windweaver
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    "I think it's like all religions.You have 
    some people who are dedicated to the extreme,
    some nice dedicated people(which probably is
    the majority),some on and off,then there are 
    the flakes who use it for their own reasons 
    (i.e. power,money, etc.)~Dragonfly

    C R E A T I V E W R I T I N G

    P.A.G.A.N.I.S.M. by Adiva P.eople join A.round the world G.ather hand in hand A.nd chant the names of those on high N.ot to boast, insult, or lie. I.n our hearts a god; a goddess S.tay, and love, and cry M.erry meet and merry part and chant into the sky!

    Wheel of The Year

    by Amber Oakthorn She dances over a mirror lake, Silver hair, Like moon strands, Reflected off deep blue water, She laughs, Like chimes, And spring arives, She still dances, Courting a young new God, Together they dance through fields of grain, The bread is baking, And men reap the crops, That the bountiful earth has supplied, He falls, But will be reborn when time turns around.

    S T A R L I G H T R E V I E W

    Book Review:

    Teen Witch
    Author: Silver Ravenwolf
    Published:Llewellyn Pub.,1998 239 pages
    Price: $12.95,U.S.A $17.95,CAN
    Reviewed by Cyrex Azger

    Such movies as Hocus Pocus and The Witches of Eastwick have given us all a bad wrap. The 1996 release of The Craft didn't help our image, either. Hundreds of "Crafties" whom saw this movie went out and started "being Witches": changing their eyes all the colors of the rainbow, dressing in all black with streaming jewelry and levitating each other to the ceiling. This event has brought down the teen Witches out there who understand their religious path and practice it responsibly. Luckily, one adult woman (whom just so happens to be one of the most popular Pagan authors in the United States) came to our aid, and created a book to knock down the publics view of teenagers into WitchCraft, and even give teenagers who have misconceptions about the true Craft a crash course in reality. That woman is Silver RavenWolf, and the book is Teen Witch.

    At the very beginning of the book their are two introductions: one for parents who don’t want their child to read the book or have anything to do with magick and one for teens who wish to learn more.

    Teen Witch discusses the past, present, and future of Wicca. It tells of the principals of Wiccan belief, where Witches get their power, and even has a small section about the persecution. The second section begins to explain what the details of the Craft are, including holidays, ritual tools, reincarnation and the Book of Shadows. She makes it very clear that this is a serious religion and not a game.

    Many teens complain about the cover of the book.Five teens stand in what is called the “stereotypical” look of teen Witches. Personally, I don’t see any stereotypical clothes. The pentagram shirt is actually quite nice, and if all people who wore blue jeans and

    a white tee shirt were Witches, then we wouldn’t have this minority problem.

    With spells titled Doodle Bug, Owie-Fix, I Love Fluffy and Hot Wheels,it
    is easy to just put this book down and say “’s a piece of junk”. But
    these spells are actually quite useful! Despite their names, they are just like
    any other spell. The titles are just suppose to appeal to younger ones.

    On an overall scale of 1-10 (1 being “Yuck” and 10 being “Spellbinding”) I give Teen Witch a 7 ½. It is a great starter book, and is even a good source
    of information to the more experienced. Whether you are a novice or High Priest/ess, I encourage you to go buy this book. Don’t listen to the “put-downs” such as the cover or spells and such...Besides, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover anyways, right?

    I N T H E S T A R L I G H T

    Youth For Pagan Awareness

    We have found an organization of young pagans that is dedicated to promoting awareness and education on issues concerning young pagans. This includes in schools,in communities,and even families all over the world. They do all of that even without sounding "too preachy".

    This organization was founded by a 17 year old Tennessee pagan named Flicker (yep,the very one who writes for us).We wanted to let everyone out there know what the excellent work she's done to promote the truth about paganism. Thank you very much Flicker.We're glad to have you with us.

    To find out more about this organization , please visit the site at:

    M A G I C K A L N O T E S

    Spell for Banishing Negativity by Moonsoul On the Tuesday night of the waning moon begin this spell. Repeat it for three nights in a row. You will need a small,black votive candle with your negativity carved onto the side of it.(Negativity can be anything you want to be rid of in your life) While making arm gestures like you're pushing something away from you,Visualize that you're pushing your negativity away from your life.Chant: "(Negativity here) Away from me (Negativity here) Far from me" Let the candle burn all the while. Visualize yourself as you want to from your negativity. Then say: "(Negativity here) is banished from me. The spell is bound,so mote it be!" It is done.

    Kitchen Witchery
    by Silver Willow
    Corn Beef and Cabbage (Irish)(Dublin Style) Serves 8
    5lb Corned-Beef Brisket
    2 whole cloves
    2 bay leaves
    8 medium potatoes, pared
    1 medium cabbage, cut in wedges
    Chopped Parsley
    1 clove garlic
    10 whole black peppers
    8 medium carrots pared
    8 medium yellow onions, peeled
    2 tbsp butter
    Wipe corned beef with paper towel. Place in a large kettle, cover with water. Add garlic, cloves black peppercorns, and bay leaves. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer 5 minutes. Skim the surface. Cover kettle, simmer for 3 to 4 hours,or until corned beef is fork - tender. Add carrots, potatoes, and Onions during the last 25 minutes of cooking. Add cabbage during the last 15 minutes of cooking. Add Onions the last 10 minutes of cooking. Cook vegtables just until tender. Slice across the grain. Arrange slices on the platter with cabbage. Brush potatoes with butter, sprinkle with chopped parsley. Serve along with rest of vegtables and "Mustard Sauce".

    P A G A N  P A L S

    Please Note:*Important* when writing to
    anyone listed please use their name and 
    send it in care of L.Clark.For example: 
         (Pagan Pals Name Here)
         c/o L. Clark
         P.O.Box 421495 
         Los Angeles,CA 90042-0495
    "I'm a young girl living in an area that is almost completely Christian. It was just recently that I became interested in Wicca and Paganism, and I'm not sure how to tell most people, because I'm so alone in my beliefs here. Because I'm still so new to this, I would love any advice that anyone could give me,and I would also love to chat with any other teens out there who are in a similar situation as me."

    Freedom Starr
    London,Ontario CAN
    "I am wild,free-spirited and adventurous. Please write! Male or female."

    "Hi! I just started studying Paganism, so I don't have a specific tradition yet, but I'm looking. If anyone has anything they'd be willing to tell me about their traditon,I'd love to hear it. Just E-mail me"

    Female/17/Taurus - Gemini Cusp
    West Valley City,Utah
    "Hi,I'm looking for anyone who's pagan/ wiccan/ect. I'm really interested in meeting people from Utah. Interested in talking about any topics,especially how to run a coven. Hope to hear from you!"

    "I am a single junior English major. I am an aspiring writer and am trying to 'break into the business.'I live in Oklahoma (center of the 'Bible Belt'); therefore,my contact with other Pagans is limited.I would like to talk to anyone who shares any of my same interests. I look forward to hearing from you. Blessed be!"

    Farlic Firebane
    Albany,New York
    "I am a Pagan and a practitioner of Wicca. I'm looking to talk to people of similar beliefs or to anyone who just would like to have another friend in their life."

    "I'm talkative,outgoing,and I love to joke around. I'd like to be contacted by someone following the druid's faith or the Celtic gods."

    Manuels,New Foundland CAN
    " I'm 5'4, blond/brown hair,and grey eyes. I'm interested in the study of wicca. I like to listen to music, talk on the phone, go to the mall, hang around with my friends, and go to parties. Anyone who wants to write me can, but I would prefer guys mostly."


    What Do You Think of the Media Witch? This is the title of our poll. Results will be posted in our next issue. Please participate in this by returning the reply card (where you will also find the possible choices). You may also participate by going to our website.

    C O M M U N I T Y  N E W S

    Los Angeles Area
      The WiccanWeb will be hosting a discussion/study 
    group in Los Angeles, California.
      The first meeting was held Sunday,December 13,1998.
    The topic was: What magick is, how it works, how 
    it works best and what are appropriate uses for it.
      The intention is to get to know one another,
    exchange ideas and discuss possibilities for 
    further work.
      If you are interested in attending,please 
    contact Kassianna at:
    Starlight Voices is opening a networking center
    on-line. We're doing this so that our subscribers
    may contact those listed in "Pagan Pals" by email
    as well as by postal mail.Watch the site for
    further info.

    A  L O O K  A H E A D

    Next issue will be sent out at the end of January
    We'll have PART II of our series 'Witchcraft/
    Paganism Today' which is on Pagan teens and lots keep reading!
    Blessed Be,Starlight Voices Staff
    Write to us at:
    Starlight Voices
    c/o L. Clark
    P.O.Box 421495
    Los Angeles,CA 90042-0495