Witchy Wars: Goddess Help Us ALL!

Silver Willow

Witch War:a witch war is the road to power. 
They are like gossip,and everyone gets involved,
hearing 30 different stories. Then it becomes a 
power trip, over who is right and who is wrong. 
In the end, everyone is hurt, its all about power 
and not losing face.

  Recently I discovered what a witch war really 
is.I have to admitt I personally have been quite 
sheltered when it comes to rude people. This 
article is for all you "Teen" witches out there 
who could be going through some hard times with 
all of this. When I think of War only one word 
comes to my mind,Hate. This emotion,Hate is what
tears Witches (Pagans & Wiccans)apart from the 
rest of the world. There are all ready so many 
who hate us,why must we have hate among our own. 
What If you are being attacked and you feel you 
have done nothing wrong?
  Well,I'm very sorry to say... that in most cases 
that is considered a witch war and nothing can 
really be done. It's very sad that we have all these 
Pagan/Wiccan Rights groups but yet no one will help 
you. You might ask yourself why? Why will no one 
help? The answer is simple,it's a witch war and no 
wants to get involved. I hope one day,we will see an 
organization that truly does what they say they do. 
In the meantime I offer all of you in a witch war...
a bit of advice to help you through it.

Advice For Causing A Witch War or Having 
A Good Part to Do with It.
 A. Think Calmly.
 B. Remember that everyone has their own opinion.
 C. No one is 100% right.
 D. No one is a 100% wrong.
 E. Think about why it is you are causing 
    so much strife in the first place? Is 
    it really worth your time to make the 
    person and yourself so unhappy?

Advice For A Witch Attacking You and 
Trying to Cause A Witch War.
 A. Stay Calm.
 B. The best thing to do is walk away 
    from the situation. There is no need 
    in adding fuel to the person's fire. 
    Most of the time if you ignore them 
    they will go away.
 C. There is nothing wrong with having a 
    debate or discussion but when things 
    get a bit out of hand,know when to end 
    the conversation.
 D. Try and stay as open-minded as possible. 
    Most likly the witch who is trying to 
    start a war with you is closed-minded or 
    has other reasons such as: jealousy, 
    feelings of an unfair life,and so on.
  If any of the above are happening in 
your life right now may the goddess and 
god be with you. Remember that all 
though a witch may be saying "Negative" 
things about you,he/she is human too and 
probably needs a good friend to guide 
them in their troubles.
(If you have any questions on Witch Wars
E-mail me at: willow@pagans.org)

 1998 SW

O Mischievious One

by Moon SpiritWolf When one thinks of the Trickster,perhaps Loki's trickery agains Norse deities comes to mind,or maybe Hermes' mischief. There are legends of the exploits of Raven,Coyote,the spider-faeries Anansi and Iktomi,and many others.It seems that many different cultures had tales of their trickster and passed these down through the generations. They were stories of treachery,cunning, creativity,and slyness that could only belong to the Trickster. The purpose of the stories could be to teach,to be related to,or just to entertain. The importance of the Trickster varies between cultures,but they each had their own motives,and their own little role to play in this world.
  The Trickster isn't always as physically 
powerful or magickally skillful as other mythic 
creatures.However,his cunning and shape-shifting 
talents allow him to be equally competitive.His 
trickery can get him into trouble...even a 
trickster can be tricked.His sly cunning can 
usually get him out of any sticky situation,

  In magick,tricksters are called upon for their
stealth and shape-shifting talents...afterall he
is the Master of disguises,isn't he?

  In myths,tricksters are sometimes viewed as
Creators,or more importantly,transformers.
They may be cunning and their actions appalling,
but there usually follows a transformation of 
some type.His actions somehow explain why the
world is the way it is now.There is definitely
something intriguing about these michievious

Witchcraft Becoming A Fad?

by Arianna Stillfield

What is a witch? 
When someone calls themselves Witch, what 
do you think of? Do images of bubbling cauldrons, 
cackling hags, warts, and flying broomsticks 
fill your cerebrum? Or do you conjure up visages 
of young teenagers dressed in black Goth garbs 
with pentagrams dangling from their necks? For 
the most part, both are true; but it is the 
latter of which this piece is focused. 
  To get to the root of it, a Witch is a person 
who (to generalize) worships the Lord and Lady,
holds a reverence for the Earth and the 
Elementals, and who practices the art of 
magick or "witchcraft".But what has happened 
to this wholesome religion in these modern 
times? It is now more likely for people, 
especially teenagers,to claim that they 
practice witchcraft just for the shock factor 
or to rebel against their parents and other 
authority figures. Sadly, Wicca, Witchcraft,
or Paganism in general has become a fad among 
today's youth.
  With the influence of movies such as "The Craft", 
"Practical Magic" and television shows like 
"Sabrina, the Teenaged Witch" and "Charmed", 
teens are drawn to the mystical part of Paganism 
and not the spirituality. "It was my unfortunate 
experience to know a couple of teenagers who 
claimed to be Wiccan,but hadn't even heard 
of the Goddess,and were simply in it for 
'doing spells'," exclaimed Brae, a Pennsylvanian 
"The books I loaned them weren't good 
enough because there was 'too much 
spirituality', 'too much work involved 
in ritual', and 'there wasn't enough 
  "I think [that] between the breakdown 
of the traditional coven, the mass 
publication of low-quality paperbacks, 
and the fadism of Wicca in the movies over 
the past few years, it has become a fad. 
There are a lot of youngsters who play
with it,then grow out of it," states Gawain,
a native Pagan from Pittsburgh. But what 
can we do to combat this ever spreading 
nuisance? Among the people I interviewed 
for this article, one of the highest forms 
of "fad eradication" was education.
   "I say, embrace the fad and the 
opportunity to educate what Paganism is 
about!" exclaims Eliza, a Pagan from the 
northeast region of Pennsylvania. This 
would give the elder,more seasoned Pagans 
a chance to expound their vast knowledge 
into the minds of their eager young pupils. 
Education is a viable, effective way to 
reach those in need of guidance. But 
should one teach minors whose parents may 
not approve of the interference? 
  This issue comprises a small network of 
issues including the one above. The only 
right solution would be one that fits the 
situation of the individual. This may be
a lesson taught by an elder or as simple 
as picking up a few books at the local 
library. So the next time you see a lost 
little Wiccan/Pagan puppy of a teenager,
point them in the direction of the Lord 
and Lady and leave it at that.

Youth Speaks

In addition to Arianna's article,we decided to ask a few more members of the pagan community for their opinion on this subject: Is Witchcraft Becoming a Fad? Is that Good or Bad? "I think it is becoming a fad and that this is both bad and good. I think it is bad because there are stupid people who are doing it and thinking they are cool when they don't even know what they are talking about and they are giving those of us who are sincere a bad name. I think it is good because, lets just face it, Wicca is a great religion and if a person is serious then it can be really good for them." ~Styra - - - - - - - - - - - "Yeah! Sooo many people are calling themselves witches just because they think it's the cool thing to do. I hate when people do that. You shouldn't do something just because it's 'cool'. ~Epona
"I think Witchcraft is becoming a fad but 
not Wicca, since few people know about 
Wicca. Witchcraft as portrayed in movies 
and TV shows is becoming popular.With the 
recent movies "Practical Magic","The Craft" 
and on T.V., "Charmed",more people are 
becoming wannabes so therefore a new 
branch of witchcraft is coming about,the 
Media Witch (my made up name for them), 
so that is the fad."
~Aedan Windweaver
- - - - - - - - - - -
"I think its like all religions. You have 
some people who are dedicated to the extreme, 
some nice dedicated people (which probably 
makes up the majority), some on and off 
people, then there are the flakes who use 
religion for there own reasons (i.e. power, 
money, etc.)

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