its messed up.  people are afraid of the
millennium and afraid of an apocalypse... but what
we should be afraid of is ourselves, and our
actions taken out of our fear and hate!! 
something like that could happen anywhere...

Hate to tell you this, but there's no such thing as perfect peace. 
Never has been, never will.  Nice idea but it's not gonna work. 
*shrugs*  All a civilization ever does is grow, contribute knowledge,
become large, and die.  Ours is in the decaying process, as can be seen
by comparing the American (Economic) Empire with the Roman Empire, the
English Empire, the Ottoman Empire, etc. etc. etc.  The civilizations to
the West of the US are going to be next in line of control and decay of
our newly globalized civilizations.  Don't try for perfection, you
aren't going to get it.  Don't try to save the civilization, it's not
gonna happen.

BTW, has anybody studied American history enough to be able to tell if
this sort of thing has happened before to us?  Seems to me that back
when we were going through the *Bah bah bah boooom* 'Rote Learning' that
everyone nowadays seems to despise so much.  Taking one's feelings out
on others, either by going out and shooting them or by whining about
being a 'victim' or by something of the sort, was discouraged.  People
fended for themselves, which IMHO was a very good thing.  Nowadays the
old days are to be either hated or pitied etc., but you've gotta look
back and see that no, they didn't have kids taking guns to school and
shooting up other kids.  Kids in chemistry USED to learn how to make
explosives and stink bombs, but somehow they never massacred each
other... hmm.  Food for thought.
(Personally, I have nothing against rote learning.  I've grown up with
it, and compared it to the chaos in today's school. I would much rather
be curled up on my bed and alone with one of my old school books than
one of those wierd pseudo-human male stinkie things in the back of
Chemistry class.  But that's just me.)

Are there any morals in today's culture that are NOT self
contradictory?  More food for thought.

Why do we need so many psychiatrists in a school?  Do you REALLY think
that high school kids with homicidal tendencies and plans are going to
discuss it with a psychiatrist???  I know I wouldn't if I were in that
position, and I don't think the other kids in MY high school would
either.  We teens aren't dumb, ladies and gents.  Let's not act it.

Why are we spending money on a civil war?  Bad things are happening in
Kosovo.  Wake-up call... Bad things are happening EVERYWHERE.  We can't
fix them all.  See point #1.  Nothing we do in Kosovo will change
Milosevic's feelings a whit.  He's going to do what he's going to do...
the only way to stop it would be to kill every stinkin' Serb in the
place.  And wouldn't that be a tragedy as well???  Get the refugees out,
fine.  Try to change Milosevic's mind by bombing him?  Nice diversion
from the impeachment, but otherwise useless.  I live in a Air Force base
town, folks.  The first composite wing there was, in fact (and the
finest, again IMHO).  Our people just got shipped out to London to fight
this war... there are American troops suffering and dying in vain.  This
is not WWII, when we knew what we had to do and why we had to do it and
agreed, no matter how hard it was.  This is more like 'Nam...

Aldora Starwind

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