Lincoln Park, MI, USA
             Religious Discrimination Against Pagans and The Pentagram
             First Reported on A Mystickal Grove message Board - November, 1998

         Upon reading all of the information below, you will notice a mounting
         discrimination case. So far the WADL has put many hours into defending these
         students rights, ... throught writing letters, phone calls, and person-hours ... and
         on December 17th, this may all come to a head with the WADL taking legal

         The public mannounceent of this problem first occured on the Mystickal Grove
         General Wicca Message Board in the middle of November, 1998. Upon first
         posting, DragonHawk transferred the information directly to WADL National
         President S. Foster for consideration.

         Thank-you to G. MoonSong and M. Caregiver for their concern and belief in
         equal treatment. Your posting on the message boards may lead to a more equal
         setting in Michigan !

         WebCrafter ~ DragonHawk 


         The Administration of Lincoln Park High School has noticed an increase in gang
         and or cult activity.
         The Board of Education, through the Student Code of Conduct, has clearly stated
         that it "desires to keep district schools and students free from threats or wrongful
         influence of any groups or gangs which advocate drug use, violence, or
         disruptive behavior."

         Violators will be suspended indefinitely with possible expulsion. The
         Administration of Lincoln Park High School will enforce this rule.

         A partial listing of groups that are not appropriate to the 
         school setting include:

         KKK, Street Gangs, Skin Heads, White Supremacists, Wiggins (Wiccans ?),
         Straight Edge, Pagans, Gothic, Satanist, Vampires, Cult/Occult, Witches

         It is understood that this list is not all inclusive, and that any like groups that do
         not appear on this list are also inappropriate and unacceptable in the school
         setting, and will result in disciplinary action.
         A partial listing of inappropriate activities includes, but is not limited to:
         Pentagram symbol
         Gang colors/Styles 
         Anarchy symbol
         Cult Dress/Styles
         Vampire/Death style make-up
         Satanic Jewelry
         Dog Collars

         There are other related activities that are not listed which are also inappropriate to
         the school setting.
         If you have questions concerning whether an artifact or activity is appropriate to
         the school setting, please ask your administrator or Officer Pollard.

         Enforcement will begin on Thursday, October 29, with confiscation of
         inappropriate artifacts and a warning. Friday, October 30, enforcement will
         change to confiscation 
         of artifacts and indefinite suspension.
         [NOTE: This GANG/CULT ANNOUNCEMENT took place just prior to the 
         ancient Pagan celebration of Samhain/Celtic New Year]

         The faculty and administration appreciate your excellent behavior this year. Our
         intention is to insure the health, safety and welfare of all students by keeping
         gangs and cults out of your high school.
         Your cooperation in helping us to achieve that goal is appreciated."

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