Moonlight Dancer

Sweet melody fills
the air,you twirl under stars
may I dance with you?

July 3, 1999
3:27 pm


Hey-ya How's life? I'm doing pretty good over here. The cards I promised should be there by now. I didn't have the time to write to you before because of a family situation.

My mom and dad may be getting a divorce. My mom started acting strange last fall and continued that way until she just didn't come home and the end of January. Three days later we finally hear from her. The first thing out of her mouth was that she wanted a divorce...which leads me to believe that she's been having an affair with this Daniel guy she met....AT CHURCH of all places. That really disgusts me. Daniel was going out with Marita up until last fall when Marita went home. All the time he went out with her he didn't want my mom to know for some reason.

Then my mom starts coming home way after she should've been home from work. I think she may be doing drugs too by the way. And on top of all that she's been telling lie after lie about my dad and has been telling some of Marita's secrets to supposed "friends" at church and at the Indian Center downtown.

Remember I used to work at McDonalds? I don't anymore but one time she came home late I asked her what happened so she's back so late. She tells me " I was drinking coffee at McDonalds with Daniel after work". Bullshit. I knew something she didn't (and that was that on that day the whole day the coffee machines at McDonalds weren't working, so we couldn't serve coffee to anyone...not even in the Drive-thru. So I say "I didn't see you" She says "Well I didn't say we went inside." So I tell her "It doesn't matter whether you went inside or not, we couldn't serve coffeee today the machine is broken" She said "well I was drinking coffee in the parking lot" That was sooooo stupid. But I let it go.

I'm so disgusted with the way she's done things. She could've gotten a divorce, had money, and no one would be pissed off at her. But she seems to be trying to make trouble. I should stop, I'm making myself angry just writing about it.

So I hear you've been drinking again. Understand something Christy. I care about you. Seriously. Second, you shouldn't drink to get drunk and hang with friends or even to drown out your troubles. If you're feeling bad pick up a pen and write to me. I'm here and I'm always listening. Let your friends be fools if they want to be, but make sure you stay safe. I'm going to be very angry if these letters from you stop coming because of an accident you've been in. An occasional drink is just don't have to get drunk beyond control. Ya know?

What's all this talk about New Mexico? Virginia mentioned she may be moving to New Mexico this summer with her boyfriend. Is there something in New Mexico that I should know about? Why New Mexico? When do you think you'll be moving or is this just an idea you're thinking about?

Sorry about screwing up our trip I said though I've been dealing with some family issues. I would still like to plan a trip some where. I read our old contract from 9th grade (that was before I destroyed the disk it was on.) We were supposed to show up with our husbands, Jonathan Brandis and Mike Vitar. hahaha those were the days,eh?

Anyways I will be heading up north to visit (if you're still there) This Fall. I was hoping to go this summer and see if I can catch a pow-wow, but life just got crazy. Maybe we can hang out then if you're still around. I can introduce you to my boyfriend, Abisai. He wants to come with me. And then he wants me to go with him to visit his family in Mexico.

:):) Can you believe it?!?!? I have a boyfriend!! I mean it's strange isn't it? It is for me anyway. I never wanted a boyfriend. I do like guys I just didn't want any kind of relationship until after I'm out of college and have already gotten a good start on my career. But Life has its own plans, right? Did I tell you how we met?

So anyways, Right now I'm in the library downtown and I'm going to look up some stuff on the computer.... After I finish writing to you. :) Remember how we used to do that in school? We'd write to each other and leave messages on our disks? Wow that seems so long ago. I feel old now.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he
stands in moments of comfort and convenience,but where
he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
--Martin Luther King,Jr.

haha I just remembered that time we put the suckers and valentine cards that you brought to school into Trixy, Preppy,and 23's locker. Hehehe But we forgot a sucker for Trixy...remember that?

We were crazy weren't we?

I may just sneak up on you one day. haha tell me where you live so I can. hehe.

So what's new around town? By the way who are you hanging out with? Anyone I know?

I've been pretty busy lately with my newsletter. I'm also working on an organization for young Pagans in high school and college.

I'm also hoping to start a group in L.A. so that I can have a place of support and people to study with and maybe we could get together for rituals or sabbats. I have a few people interested but we haven't been able to pick out a place to meet.

I've been wondering, Christy m'dear. What do you think about all this? I ask because you never talk about it when I bring it up. Does it bother you? What are you thoughts on witchcraft? Would you rather I not talk about it? Are you curious about it?

So anyways, the Fourth of July has come and gone..... How'd you celebrate? Not drinking I hope. I may be moving pretty soon, so make sure you only write to me at the P.O.Box from now until I can tell you my new address.

Here it is again just in case:

Linda Clark
P.O. Box 421495
Los Angeles, CA 90042-0495

I'll be going now....Write me as soon as you finish reading this, then mail it right away. Keep in touch.

Stay cool, Stay safe.


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