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                                                      August 2, 1999
                                                      Moon SpiritWolf
                                                      Starlight Voices 
                                                      P.O. Box 421495
                                                      Los Angeles, CA
                                                      90042 - 0495

Dear Subscriber;

   We at Starlight Voices, deeply apologise for the extreme tardiness

of our newsletter. This was in part due to a fire in early spring, which

forced us to rebuild our mailing list. As a sign of good faith, we'd like

to extend to you this offer: We will restart your subscription beginning

with our next issue. We really feel that the young Pagan community needs

some attention right now, so we will endeavor to keep this newsletter going.

As you know our staff is made up of teenage writers who express through

their writing some of the thoughts of modern teen Pagans. We make it a 

point to cover topics we know the young Pagan community is interested in.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to send 

them to us.

With sincere regards,

Moon SpiritWolf,
Senior Editor, Starlight Voices

Att: Raye Perry #1004

Please note that this has been our second attempt to correspond with you
via postal mail. The first was sent back to us as "undeliverable". If you
recieve this letter, consider the mistake rectified and you do not need to
respond. Thank you for your patience.
( Revised October 9, 1999 )