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Favorite Quotes from Amanda/E. Gracen

Favorite Quotes from Amanda

"I think that at the base of Amanda she is a real survivor. She was a street urchin at the beginning of her existence, and that's her undercurrent. I think she makes a lot of bad choices and is pretty wily, all coming from a basic place of fear. Fear of lack. Fear that it will all fall in around her. I think being a thief and her getting up to all the things that she does, it comes from that place. But she has a great sense of humor, and it served her well to have lived that long and come up against the things that she has." -- Elizabeth Gracen on Amanda*

(To Rebecca) " Are you and angel?!"

(To Rebecca) " Books are for monks, and women don't fight with swords. "

" Rebecca taught me to fight, to survive, but more than that she taught me to believe in myself. "

(To Nick Wolf) " I don't think I'm bad. "