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The Raven Links

Anyone with a Elizabeth Gracen or Amanda page please let me know.

Elizabeth Gracen:A fan's tribute This page is excellent. Has background info on Elizabeth and a lot of photos.

The unofficial Raven site This page contains great info on the new series Highlander:The Raven Very entertaining. Make sure you have enough time to go all the way through this site. It's worth it.

Highlander:The Raven This one is by UltimateTV. It has basic info about the show,images,interviews,actor bios.

Highlander:The Raven This one is from Rysher. The official The Raven site. You can tap into the watcher journals and also find out when and what channel the show comes on in your town.

Amanda:Unveiled An excellent essay on the Immortal Amanda

Lady of the Light Fingers Plenty Amanda pictures, sounds, and quotes.

That should keep you busy for a while