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Amanda was born 1,200 years ago. She was taught the ways of 'The Game' by an Immortal named Rebecca Horne. She became friends with Rebecca and loved her. Before her death,Rebecca gave Amanda the Methusaleh Stone.The stone was supposed to be one of three crystals that when joined was very powerful. In fact,whomever obtained the stone could become immortal and rule the earth with its powers.

Since Rebecca's death,Amanda returned to her old ways as a thief... She is also Duncan Macleod's on again off again lover. Whenever around him,Amanda seems to depend on him to get her out of any trouble.

But now that she's on her own....with her new partner,Wolf,she is taking on responsibilities that before she'd have run from.

This new and improved Amanda doesn't just worry about herself anymore....yet she wouldn't be Amanda without her wily tricks and devil-may-care would she?

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