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Cassandra Amanda

Welcome Highlander Fans! This is page is still in the beginning stages.....

This has been my first chance to update this page since I opened. To let you know what I've been up to:

  • New Amanda Quotes added
  • The colors have been changed (The Raven pages are green the Witch pages are red)
  • I've updated my link sections in both areas.
  • For those who like Cassandra/Tracy Scoggins, I've noted where you can write to her. (I'm looking for Elizabeth's fanmail addy...anyone have it, please let me know)
  • Image Galleries in both areas have been updated.
  • I've created a banner for anyone who'd care to link me.

    The Raven
    This section is fully devoted to The Raven otherwise known as Amanda. You will find a bio on both the immortal and the actress, links to sites with Amanda or Elizabeth Gracen information, my favorite Amanda Quotes, the Watcher report, and a photo gallery.
    The Witch
    This section has the same stuff as The Raven section, except that this one is devoted to The Witch and the actress who played her.
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