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  • Name: Elizabeth Ward Gracen
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 5'10
  • Born: 1962,Booneville,Arkansas
  • Parents: Patricia Hampe,James Ward
  • Siblings: Van(34) and Margaret(28)
  • Acting Debut: Three for the Road (1987)
  • Other works:Marked for Death (1990) Highlander:The Series (1992-1997) Discretion Assured (1993) Elizabeth was crowned Miss Arkansas and Miss America in 1982 at 20 yrs old. At the time she was aspiring to be a lawyer. As we now know,she hit the acting trail instead. We knew her as Amanda,the immortal thief and con-artist on Highlander:The Series. She is continuing that role with the latest Highlander spin-off Highlander:The Raven.It's as though she was made for that role....or that role was made for her. Main Raven Page
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